We were talking this morning about Carrie Underwood's new song, "Good Girl", and it reminded us of a great moment when Carrie Underwood walked into the 'GNA studios.  Let's go back - (hit the dream music)

carrie underwood in studio Carrie came to the studio a couple of years ago.  I remember it was the day after her birthday, because she definitely looked a little tired as she strolled in .  She came in to do an interview with Kevin Richards.  We tried to get her in earlier, but that wasn't happening. I also thought it was funny that she was completely unsure of what time it was when she was being interviewed.  Other than that, she was very nice.

, I caught her on video coming into the station just as Craig Morgan was leaving on his motorcycle.  It's a short clip, but it is an exclusive


This was the interview from Kevin's show.   Darn.  I was jealous of Kevin, but at least he let me stay and video it for him.


Hope you enjoyed this little throwback to the past.