Did you get to the Rascal Flatts show at SPAC Sunday night? Well if you did, I know you got to see a great show.

Honestly, I think it may have been one of the best Flatts shows I have seen, if anything these guys are getting better! The songs, the vocals, especially the harmonies are always well-focused. This was even more apparent in their backstage acoustic show before they took the main stage.

Instead of the typical "meet and greet" that many acts do, Rascal Flatts likes to do a short little private performance for some of their bigger fans and radio friends. They have a bucket where people can put questions and requests and they try to give the small crowd a little something special and unique to remember. They succeed pretty well.

If you didn't get a chance to see it, I did get a little video of the event and I picked this one in particular because if you listen to the dialogue before they sing there is a part where Jay Demarcus seems to dig a little bit of a hole for himself with his wife when he answered one of the questions. The guys gave him a hard time and of course it was all in fun, but they did say "Boy I hope this part winds up on YouTube." Well, your wish is my command boys.