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Cheetos Restaurant Coming To New York
One doesn't normally think about words like reservations, or forks and knives when it comes to Cheetos, but a pop-up restaurant down in New York City next week is about to change that.  Yes, you heard me right, lovers of Chester and his dangerously cheesy orange snacks will be able to…
Driving to Work, I Saw This [PHOTO]
When you drive the same way every day to work, you get used to seeing the same houses, the same roads and every so often one or two houses stand out. I've been driving this new route about a month and I look forward to seeing this one house every morning.
There’s a Video Game for That?
I love video games and with the addition of virtual reality, you can honestly do anything with some sort of controller. Not only does it surprise me that there's a video game for this, but then we had to prove the real thing is harder.
Would You Eat At Restaurant Next to a Dog Kennel?
It's an age old question. Would you eat at restaurant that was directly next to a 24 hour dog kennel? Okay, maybe it's not an age old question but it's definitely a question that some are faced with regarding a restaurant in Saratoga. Maybe they combine and give everyone a real doggy …

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