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Man Turns Car Into A Sheepdog [VIDEO]
Sheepdogs are so smart, loyal and sweet... Apparently this guy REALLY loves his sheepdog and decided to make his car look like it... It cost $2,000 pounds (about $3,166 US dollars)
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Check Out My Melted Salt And Pepper Shakers [PICTURES]
I moved into my apartment the beginning of October but because of some plumming problems and the fact that I have WAY too much kitchen stuff I haven't put everything away where I would like it just yet. I finally got the counters mostly cleaned off earlier this weekend and actually used my oven…
5 Fun Ways to Reuse Your Halloween Pumpkin
You may have noticed a pumpkin or two around the neighborhood lately. Okay, maybe more than two. They're everywhere. This means you’ve probably fallen victim to at least a little bit of the hype and purchased some Halloween pumpkins. But what do you do with them in just a f…
The 10 Most Haunted Places in America
As Halloween draws near, shut the lights off, grab your pet, a well-worn blanket, and curl up to read about some of the most spine-tingling and frightening places on Earth. As the ghost stories of each place draw you in, be aware of that disembodied footstep or strange rapping noise-it may just be a…
Can You Actually Be Scared … to Death?
The next time you think it would be funny to scare the living daylights out of someone, you might want to consider this: medical experts say that an intense fright can severely stun the heart, enough even to kill a perfectly healthy human being.

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