Do You Hear What Jess Hears? (VIDEO)
The other morning while messing around with some sound effects in the studio, I played a few random noises for just us to listen to .  Immediately, Jess started freaking out and quite frankly, I thought she was joking.  Turns out, I was playing some audio that I personally couldn't he…
Watch Adorable Baby Turn Super Cranky Without His GNA
Leah from Green Island sent us a video featuring her adorable 8 month old, Noah jamming out to some WGNA music.  She told us that her little 'Noah Bear' starts to growl when playfully, she turns off his favorite song.  She wasn't kidding. Watch the video for yourself and see…
Kids Don’t Think ‘Bubba Teeth’ Are Funny? (VIDEO)
The other day I bought those gnarly fake teeth, a.k.a 'bubba' teeth, you see in the costume store. I figured it would be fun to wear them while acting silly and joking around with my 3-year-old Brody. I thought it was funny - I'm smiling just thinking about it - but he hated it.  My mom and dad used…
Video Shows School Bus Driver Allowing Kids To Drive
Imagine your child getting dropped off at home by school bus only to find out later - perhaps during dinner conversation - that their driver allowed them to take the wheel? This actually happened, and there's video to prove it, and the driver is facing serious charges.

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