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New Christmas Albums For Your List
October used to be all about Halloween, but not anymore!
Chirstmas albums are dropping like rain around here!  Two hot ones came out today!  Kelly Clarkson's Wrapped In Red and Susan Boyle's Home For Christmas!  There is a lot of buzz surrounding both of t…
Your Baby Really Does Hear You In the Womb
For generations, new moms and dads to be have been talking to their new fetus as it grows and develops - some won't admit it, but we all have done it!  Well, new research is proving that not only can the baby hear you, but he or she can understand and even begin to learn and remember thing…
What Weird Things Turn You On?
An article by recently caught my attention - 4 Weird Things That Turn Women On... hmmmmm... what could they be?  I'll give you the list, with a little of my own commentary!
1.  Body Odor.
I guess just smelling like a man, smelling natural, is enough for most women...
The Pumpkin Diet
I know that you've noticed, fall comes around, and suddenly everything is pumpkin! Pumpkin latte, pumpkin beer, pumpkin hand soap, pumpkin bath salts, pumpkin gatorade!  Okay, I made that one up... but you get my point!
Well, now there's a woman who claims she lost around 300 lbs...
Multi Tasking At It’s Best – The Treadmill Desk
Life has become one story after another about the need to multi task - hurry up and get things done!
We eat while we drive, we talk on the phone while we drive, OR when we walk down the street.  We bring our lap tops into a lunch café to work on our lunch BREAK...
You May Have A Winning Lottery Ticket, Right Now!
Here we go New Yorkers!  Look everywhere, in your car, under your bed, in your purses (LADIES I know things can get lost in there). One of us could be holding a 1 MILLION DOLLAR Powerball ticket and lose out on cashing it in!
It's been almost a year and the holder of this ticket: &ldqu…

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