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Fire Relief Benefit for a Local Teacher and Police Officer
One of my favorite listeners, Laurie, reached out to me the other day asking for help. She wanted me to spread the world of a benefit for a retired police officer and a retired teacher and coach.
We aim to please and we aim to help! So here's the flyer for the event - if you aren't doing an…
Throwback Thursday: Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter [Watch]
You heard it this morning on The Sean and Bethany Show Throwback Thursday at 8:20!
Deana Carter's 1997 #1 Hit, "Strawberry Wine" which was the CMA song of the year!
Sooooo good, right!
Here are the runners up -
Nick's pick -
Sean's pick -
Thanks for voting everyone...
Here are the Top 10 Words That Make People Cringe
This morning on The Sean and Bethany Show I tried to get Nick and Sean to cringe by saying all of the words off of this crazy list of cringeworthy words!
In case you missed it, Buzzfeed just did a survey on a bunch of words to find out how many people say they CRINGE when they hear them...

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