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I Finally Got Bangs!
A couple of weeks ago we had a very heated discussion in the morning about whether or not I should have some fringe cut into my hair.
You all had some very strong opinions and we took a little informal Facebook and texting pole. And, well, you decided that I should indeed get some bangs...
Clifton Park Center Evacuated
The mall in Clifton Park was evacuated Thursday night.
The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office confirmed with New10 that the mall in Clifton Park was evacuated on Thursday night.
Apparently a fire was reported at Clifton Park Center. The mall was evacuated and crews have been investigatin…
Chewy and Apollo are Looking for Forever Families
On this week's Pet Connection:
Meet Chewy -
I am a 3 year old, male Min Pin/Jack Russell Mix. I weigh about 15 lbs. and was brought to the shelter as a stray. They contacted my owner but he never came to get me but I am not sure why...
Would You Eat At Restaurant Next to a Dog Kennel?
It's an age old question. Would you eat at restaurant that was directly next to a 24 hour dog kennel? Okay, maybe it's not an age old question but it's definitely a question that some are faced with regarding a restaurant in Saratoga. Maybe they combine and give everyone a real doggy …
Luke Bryan Dancing with a Fan’s Pretty Pink Bra [Watch]
Ladies... is this what you think is gonna happen when you take your bra off at a concert and toss it on stage?
A lady tossed a pink bra to the stage while Luke Bryan was performing "Do I" in New York City on the other day.  He walked over, picked it up, and did a sexy…
Handgun Found on Rotterdam Family’s Lawn
Gun violence and the topic about what should happen with our gun laws is definitely a sore subject. As a gun owner, it seems that we are constantly on the defense from actions of irresponsible gun owners or criminals.
Denver Zoo Has A New Baby Giraffe That No One Cares About!
Now come on, this just isn't right!
If you're gonna care about April, the mama giraffe on the #giraffecam at the Animal Adventure Park, then you need to be equally excited about Dobby, the brand new adorable giraffe at the Denver Zoo!
The Denver Zoo welcomed Dobby, a 5-foot, 73-pound male re…
CarMax Now Open in Colonie
On the former site of KMart and Burger King on Central Avenue by 155 in Colonie now sits the 42,000 square foot CarMax store!
And, as of February 23, you can now shop there!
CarMax is America's largest seller of used cars.
CarMax is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and operates more than 170 st…
Sheriff’s Deputy Killed in Greene County Crash
State Police shared the sad news today that officer Kevin Haverly, 26, went off the road in a marked police car at around 6 a.m., struck a telephone pole, and was pronounced dead at the scene.
There's no word on what caused the early morning crash that ejected Kevin from his cruiser...

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