Do You Think Garth Brooks Can Make A Comeback? [POLL]
I realize I'm a little late on this, but I finally watched the Garth Brooks - Live in Las Vegas special last night, and he was freakin' fantastic. An hour and a half of just HIM and a guitar. But it got me to thinking - can he be commercially successful again?
Volvo Van Damme Split Meets Rob Ford’s Face – WTF? [WATCH]
It's what the internet was built for.  The two most viral videos of the week, mashed into one.  Volvo's Van Damme commercial with Ex-Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's face plastered on it.  So, it looks like Ford's doing a split - really not that much of a stretch, I mean, …
Jimmy Fallon Hosts and Justin Timberlake Sings on SNL in December
NBC announced yesterday that Jimmy Fallon will host it's December 21 episode with special musical guest Justin Timberlake!
As if that's not exciting enough, Paul Rudd will host on December 7 with musical guest One Direction, and John Goodman will take a turn hosting on December 14 with King…
Local News Reporter Drops the F-bomb LIVE on the Air! Whoops!
They say when you are in the broadcasting business you always have to be aware that a mic could be on you!  It's an easy thing to forget, especially when tempers are flaring!
Lauren Podell, a local news anchor in Detroit accidentally dropped a pretty hearty F-BOMB on live TV yesterday...

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