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Making a Murderer Star Could Be Released Soon
When Making a Murderer came on Netflix, I was hooked. Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey, and of course Teresa Halbach, I couldn't find out enough! Now, one of the stars may be released from jail.
Lost Diamond Found by TSA Officers at Albany International Airport
The feelings you have going through the TSA check points on your travels are mutual to your fellow travelers. Take the shoes off, sweatshirt/jacket, take the lap top out, let them know about the medication you have (yes, I promise that's just my inhaler), take off all of your jewelry and hope that i…
Self-Driving Car Being Tested In Albany
The first driverless car...wait, is driverless a word? The first self-driving car (gosh, that doesn't sound right, either) is being tested right here in the Capital Region!
Kid Acknowledges Importance of Pledge of Allegiance [VIDEO]
I went to a Catholic school so we started every morning with a prayer and then pledge over the loudspeaker. Even though some schools are deciding to not do the pledge anymore, it's good to see that even children understand the importance and what it means.
Man At His Desk In Rochester Struck By Lightning – Here’s How…
I don't know about you, but growing up thunder and lightning scared the crap out of me. Like most kids, the loud sounds were enough to send me to the closest windowless room with as many of my stuffed prized possessions as possible (by the way, it was typically about 12 stuffed animals, my cat …
Stay at the Ninja Turtles Pad for Just $10/Night in NYC on Airbnb
It's like a serious nostalgia overload to take a peak into the lair belonging to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Okay, yes, sure I know, "Marissa, the Ninja Turtles are not real. They're cartoons." I get it. But, this home has had the inside redone to fit what our 80's kid brains remember…
Grande; Others Join Forces For ‘Super Benefit’
Ariana Grande is a woman of her word.  She promised her fans in Manchester that she'd be back to Manchester after the horrific terror attacks that claimed the life of 22 of her fans, and injured many more.  Not only is she coming back, she's bringing some of music's biggest …

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