Crossgates Department Store Part Of Data Breach
It seems like we are constantly becoming aware of our information being hacked and then sold to an outside source. Well it has happened again and this time it affects a department store inside Crossgates Mall.
Geek Squad Employees Paid By Feds To Locate Peds
The FBI has declined to comment but documents have shown that members of the Best Buy Geek Squad have been paid by the feds for years to help them catch criminals.  Not just any criminals, mind you.  We're talking about pedophiles; real life monsters capable of robbing innocent and helpless children…
Distracted Walking Should Be Illegal in Albany
Distracted walking is illegal in some cities and towns in California and Hawaii.  I can't tell you how many times I've approached intersections with a green light and have had to slam on the breaks as someone was texting (or chasing Pokemon) cluelessly walked into the middle of a busy street. At the…
Did You Know This Was Illegal?
I've gotten one ticket in my entire life and it's for something that I didn't even know was illegal and I'm sure you didn't either. You may be breaking the law right now!
Cell Phone at Red Lights, Is That Illegal?
My Mom and I were in the car this weekend and she got a text message at a red light. She was about to check it until I told her that she can't be on her phone while she's driving. Who was right?

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