Getting Towed: The Nightmare You Wake Up To
I read that something like 200 cars were towed in Albany County on the first night of the snow emergency.  That's a lot of angry people waking up this week and realizing that they were going to have to find another way to get to work in the morning.  Of all the things that can happen to your vehicle…
Missing Warren County Teen May Need Medical Attention
A teen with autism has been missing since last evening and State Police are concerned that he may be in need of medical attention.  Time is always of the essence in the case of a missing child. Perhaps you've seen him or have some information regarding his whereabouts.
Following Limo Tragedy, State Police Seize 59 Vehicles
In the months following the horrific Schoharie limo crash that took the lives of 20 people, efforts are being made to prevent such a tragedy again.  License plates have recently been stripped off dozens of vehicles, and while nothing can ever 100 percent ensure our passenger safety, this at lea…
Local School District Conducting Major Hiring Spree
Out of work or looking to move to a new part of the Capital Region? A local school district has just announced what appears to be a major hiring spree. They are looking for everything from teachers and aides, to school bus drivers, maintenance personnel, food service helpers and much more.
New Law To Eliminate Puppy Mill Dogs At Pet Stores
The state of California will crack down on the puppy mill industry by enforcing a new law that will forbid the retail sale of dogs, cats, and bunny rabbits from pet stores.  As a result, California will be the first state to do make it illegal to sell these animals unless they're from a sh…

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