Rare ‘Upside Down’ Rainbow Hangs Over Saratoga (PIC)
If you happened to be looking up into the Saratoga sky yesterday afternoon around 4:40 pm, you may have witnessed a pretty rare occurrence.  A Circumzenithal arc or an 'upside down rainbow' appeared in parts of Saratoga creating the illusion that the sky was smiling down on you.
Veteran Job Fair Today
If you are an active military member, veteran or a military family member, there is a job fair being held today (Wednesday September 19th) for you.
Local Mom Writes Heartfelt Plea To Daughter’s New Classmates
A few days into a new school year, most parents are posting the ever popular 'first day of school' pictures. But last week, Lori Sames from Clifton Park, used her personal Facebook page to post something a little different about a new school year.  Lori's post was a heartfelt, powerful, personal ple…
A Local Dentist Is Giving Out FREE Braces
A local dentist will provide dozens of area kids with braces, using their top of the line digital equipment. In some cases these types of services can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $6,500 but this local orthodontic team will be providing braces - and the follow up treatments - for FREE!
9/11: I’ll Never Forget Where I Was 17 Years Ago
Wow, has it really been that long? I had to do a double take at the year when I was reflecting on that fateful day that infinitely changed the way we think, travel, and protect our families.  It's hard to believe it's been 17 years since the 9/11 attacks when al-Qaeda hijacked four airplanes and car…
Local Student Gives Needy Man Shoes Off His Feet
It's this type of kindness the world could use a little more of these days.  A Gloversville High School student wasn't going for Youtube views or social media clicks, he was just being a good human when he gave away the sneakers he was wearing to a homeless man walking down the street…
GNA Honors Hometown Hero For The Homeless (Audio)
Renee from Selkirk was nursing a massive migraine when we unexpectedly called her Thursday morning to tell her about her Hometown Hero nomination.  We tried to tell her we were totally cool with calling her back, but Renee wouldn't budge.  Migraine or not,  her desire to spread the word about her ho…
Mom Tells GNA About Daughter’s Heart Of Gold (Audio)
Luke Bryan believes most people are good, and who are we to argue? Amazing stories of generosity and selflessness have been pouring in as proof, and every morning this week we're reading emails sent in by listeners describing a person who is simply 'doing good'.
Share Story About ‘Good People’ And Win Luke Tix
Despite what we tend to see on the nightly news, Luke Bryan believes most people are good, and so do we. Tell us about someone you know, doing 'good things' for people, and if we read your submission on the air, you'll win tickets to see Luke Bryan at SPAC on Sunday, August 19th.  Keep a ticket for …
First Children’s ER In Northeast NY Opens
If you have children and had to bring them to the emergency room, you know it can be a scary place for them. Well now a brand new emergency room has opened that is specifically for kids and it's right here in the Capital Region.

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