Are you thinking of cancelling your wedding?  Sorry to hear that ,but there is good news.  You might be able to recoup your lost “investment”.  That plus your questions and a yet another new very cool social app.


You have no idea how many people cancel their weddings for various reasons.  You’ve invested in rings, made reception arrangements, cakes, flowers, photography and dj contracts have been signed (now that's going too far!)

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All that money up in smoke?  Not necessarily.  A new website called Bridal Brokerage has popped up where they sell your wedding package to someone else.  Actually, it's a very interesting idea and could save you a ton, especially if you are young with no money or  it's a second marriage or something.. If you are interested, you can read the article at


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Onto a new social app that’s making noise (literally). It’s called Chirp.  The way I understand it, if someone else has the app, you can send them photos and messages and the like just by sending out an audible “chirp”.

Here’s how it works according to Kitvtv

I think this has A LOT of potential.  We could send you stuff over the airwaves, but then again, it could be vice versa too and my phone might explode.  I have to read about it alittle more to be honest , but it is free in the app store if you want to try it

Now onto our question for the experts at Computer Renaissance of Latham

Question from Will in Clifton Park- How do you remove files from your computer and free up space on your hard drive?

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Our friends at Computer Renaissance advise investing in a disc cleanup program that will check for unnecessary files on your computer and remove them.  Windows “Disc Cleanup” or Crap Cleaner are great programs recommended by Computer Renaissance.  You can also move your files onto an external hard drive like a thumb drive to clear out files you don’t need.

If you are a business owner and you need more space on your hard drive you can bring your computer into Computer Renaissance and they can clone your hard drive (duplicating it) to make it twice the size… thus creating more space.

The best part about having Computer Renaissance duplicate your hard drive is that all your programs remain on your computer so you don’t have to reinstall them… saving you time… your business won’t skip a beat!

Get over to Computer Renaissance for all your computer needs… see them to resolve all your computer problems.  Computer Renaissance…  Rt 9 in Newton Plaza in Latham!  Call 220-4445