We visited great old friends of mine recently - Anna and Rick Audioun and Terri and Paul Mileska on a quick weekend trip back to Eastern Long Island.  As we were leaving , Anna exclaimed "I'm going to send you something -please give me your email address".  I'm not sure I'm happy that I complied.  She sent this photo  Can you find me?  OMG -is this opening up a can of worms or not? 

This was our 10th grade class.  I don't think any of these folks would mind me reposting this.  We were all very close actually.  Mattituck High School was small back then in the late '60s.  There were only 63 kids in our entire graduating class, if I recall.

photo by Mattituck High School

Mr. McCaw was the homeroom/math teacher, and he was a character.  Get this - he taught my brother, MY MOTHER, and me!  Can anyone out there claim something similar in their school?

In fact he would say to me --"Phillips - I taught your mother.  She was smart.  I taught your brother- he was too.  What happened to you?"   Those were the days -when you could insult a kid out loud and noone cared.

But back to the subject at hand.  I hate to ask you, but can you identify where I am?  I'll give you a hint - look for the strong, handsome, chiseled frame.  And then keep looking.

Leave your guesses in the comment section.  I'll tell you if you are right or wrongh.

I would like to send a serious "shout-out" to everyone in this picture.  I hope you are all alive and well.  I have really great memories of Mattituck - especially of my days as a star quarterback- (yea, right - I was in the basement practicing Elton John songs!)

What were YOUR high school memories?  Would love to know.  And please keep it clean.