I nearly lost my head over this story.  That will be the last of the decapitation jokes, don't worry.  In fact, I thought this entire story was a joke, but apparently not.   Are you brave enough to read on? 

Again, it's no joke.  According to CNN.com  a woman endured a very rare INTERNAL decapitation.  What the h*ll is that?  According to Wikianswers.com

"Internal decapitation is the breaking of the spinal cord without the loss of one's head, breaking the essential nerves controlling the body. It is commonly seen in car accidents in which there was no headrest or one that was not properly adjusted."


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Here's a better explanation of what happened to this poor Phoenix woman, although she is extremely lucky

So I guess it is true.  How bizarre is that?   I can't even fathom the pain this person went through, and I seriously hope she fully recovers.  (I hate to resort to shock journalism - I'm actually ashamed of myself right now)