Is the best way to stay married to live apart once in awhile?  There are more and more people doing this, and we made it a subject of today's daily dilemma.

Although this is not my normal reading material, I did see this from  According to the article there just might be a new kind of monogomy going on, where people actually live apart.  And it's not just celebrities doing it.  In Europe, the call it LAT (Living Alone Together)

We actually took an unofficial poll with our Daily Dilemma segment.  Here's what went down with the listeners.

Personal opinion?  I think both parties can enjoy some alone time once in awhile ,but it takes a certain personality to be able to handle being alone for longer periods without getting into "mischief".

I'm the type that quite honestly does not get bored at all when I have alone time.  if you gave me a little room with some keyboards, an iPad or a laptop, and some recording software, I'd be more than occupied for at least a month or so - but after that I might get antsy (just kidding, Dorrie)

How do YOU feel about living apart?  Do you think it's a home wrecker or a home salvager?  Would love to know your thoughts