Well - is it?  Is technology being used for the greater good, or is it getting downright creepy?  Would like to know how you feel 

According to an article in the Times Union, and I quote

The city of Albany will soon have red-light cameras following an 11-4 Common Council vote in favor of an ordinance that paves the way for the devices to be installed at 20 intersections.


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There are already clandestine cameras in public places that you don't even know about.  For example, don't you find it amazing when they show a story on the news of  a person who was abducted?  They don't have video of the actual abduction, but they seem to be able to dig up video of the person leaving the apartment, walking into a convenient store etc…  and now this.  Cameras watching your driving habits.

But it's for society's good, right? Or is it?  Is the government getting too nosy? Do you approve of these snooping devices in our lives?   What's your thinking?  Please leave your comments.  Would love to know if you approve or not. (I feel a parody of the "Candid Camera" theme coming on.  I better get writing)