Congratulations, Cambridge!  You now have a song that you can sing along to!  I just wish we had some more pictures of your wonderful town to add to this blog (hint hint).  But be that as it may, let's get on with the song!

UPDATE!  I DID get some pictures in! Here's a few of their awesome football team, the Indians!


And here's the famous Cambridge Hotel (taken from the air-great shot!)

It's very difficult to write these things without information, and it's not something that I want to just regurgitate from Wikipedia.  I like to "take it to the people".  So I put out the call on Facebook to give me some facts, and many came through for me.  I really appreciate it.  First, I'd like to thank:

Ginger Dianne Hughes-York

Dana Votra

Charles Smith

Amanda Gorman-Beagle

Brianna English

Pam Pacheco

Jodie Waldron

Lisa Marie

Jeff Thomas

Cathy Ebenhoch Bucchi

and Nancy Kramer

Nancy provided this shot, being a proud member of the Cambridge Legion Lunatics, who do a lot of community service work like Operation Santa and Hugs for Heroes.

Great shot!  I would like very much to get some pictures of some of the things mentioned in this song.  If you send them to I will add them to this post. And now, I present your song- a twist of the Judds'  "Love Will Build A Bridge".  Enjoy, and if you like it,  leave your comments at the bottom of this post! And if you don't like it?  Still leave your comments (but warning-I cry easily!)

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