When you go to your favorite supermarket to do your grocery shopping, you get the foods that you need. Most of them are national brands. But something that I’m seeing more and more of is local products – things that are made at Albany area businesses. It's always a good thing to buy local. Here are some other local foods that you can find in your Hannaford or Price Chopper:

5) Old Daley Inn (Troy) steak or teriyaki sauce

They’ve been around for quite some time. They used to have a restaurant in North Troy that closed in 2001, but are now The Old Daley Inn Catering Company. A little side note, they have taken over the Crooked Lake House in Averill Park. It is now The Olde Dailey Inn.

4) Villa Valenti Restaurant and Sauce Co. (Wynantskill)

Villa Valenti is one of my favorite Italian restaurants.

3)Bilinski's Sausages (Cohoes)

Bilinski's started in 1929 and still going strong. Natural and organic meat products. They also make one of my favorites – turkey sausage.

2) Freihofer’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (Albany)

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like these cookies. I know people that used to hide the box of Freihofer’s Chocolate Chip Cookies so no one would take them.

1) Saratoga Chips (Saratoga Springs)

Saratoga Chips are my favorite potato chips. They have the best tasting chips. I know this sounds a little cliché’ but they have a great crunch. When you try them, you’ll know what I mean.

These are just some of the locally made foods sold in the market. This is a great way to keep money in our local economy. What are some other local businesses with their food products in the supermarkets?