I've been trying hard to fatten up my list of completed songs for local towns.  And because of a very supportive listener, Erica (no last name given), I was able to compile enough information to write this little ditty for the combined towns of Burnt Hills and Ballston Lake (they each get half a song!) 

I would love to get some photos from the "locals" there of anything mentioned in the song so I can "pretty up" this blog.  Please feel free to send to richie@wgna.com.  With that being said, I now present the song (a parody of an old classic-"Blueberry Hill" by Fats Domino. (sorry, I couldn't think of a country song that had "hill" in the title!)

Hope you folks enjoyed it!  And thanks to Erica for all of the emails and the help!


I just received some photos this morning, and want to include them here!  I want to thank-ERICA, (again!) for taking the pictures too!  Wow-I'm surprised she didn't write the song too!  Thanks again, and again, and again!