An 11-year-old boy that has autism from North Adams was bullied last week by some very mean kids.


HIs name is Andrew and according to the story that was reported on News 10 ABC, the kids were accused of beating Andrew up. There was also an incident where someone threw a basketball and hit Andrew in the face. Some of them were accused of throwing rocks at him. They also allegedly left Andrew on the ground, after they took his bicycle.

Some of the bullying was actually recorded on video on a cell phone, and posted online. Many people in Andrew’s community were outraged by what these boys allegedly did to Andrew.

But there are some good things that came out of this terrible story. Andrew was given an iPad and a new bicycle from some of those community members. And now, something else that’s amazing has happened. The Lanesboro Police Association has set up an extremely special evening for Andrew. This evening (Thursday), they put together a carnival for Andrew at the Berkshire Mall parking lot, complete with all kinds of rides, which Andrew can go on anytime and as often as he wants. According to this story from News 10 ABC, Andrew was also given some spending money. He received $50 dollars.

Way to go. Andrew, you really deserve this. Enjoy it.