I should begin this article with a clear statement that I am in no way saying that Kip Moore, or the co-writer of "Hey Pretty Girl", Dan Couch, "stole" a song or even "imitated" an artist. What I am saying, is that I love this new song.

YouTube Image, Kip Moore

I do think however that many artists who sound similar or have similar styles perhaps have many of the same influences. I don't pretend to know in this case, I perhaps can ask Kip when I see him again but if I'm not mistaken this song has as much "Springsteen" influence as in Steve Azar's "Sunshine".

At any rate, It is no secret I am a HUGE fan of both Springsteen and Azar and I hope that if Kip reads this article, he will appreciate the company I am putting him in. The simple melody, and deep soulful voice are just so refreshing to me in a world of "hooks" and over production. I do so hope he has a hit with this one!

So let's have a little fun, I found video's of Bruce Springsteen and Steve Azar that to me, come straight to mind when I hear Kip's new song, and of course I will throw in Kip Moore's "Hey Pretty Girl" and let you be the judge. At the very least, you get to enjoy 3 incredible songs.

Steve Azar - "Sunshine"

Bruce Springsteen - "I'm On Fire"

Kip Moore - "Hey Pretty Girl"