July 4th weekend is never complete around these parts without a barbeque grill, great friends, sunblock #30, and boating.  We are blessed to have all of the aforementioned  except the boat!  But we do have a couple of really generous friends who come to the rescue each year! 

Linda and George ****** (last name withheld) have a speedy little vessel up on ***** Lake (name also withheld).  Why are we being so secretive?  Because this body of water, even on a holiday weekend, is nowhere NEAR as crazy as Lake George or some of the more popular destinations, and we are very selfishly determined to try to keep it that way! (Sorry, folks -it's all in the name of sanity!)

I can tell you that, according to Wikipedia, the lake is 9 miles long, and one of 2 lakes in this quaint town north of Albany.  Way north.   Its a great year round fishing spot, according to George.  If you time it right, there are plenty of perch to be had.

It's a great location to practice your tubing, jetskiing, waterskiing, and  sailing skills- just like the "big boy" lakes, but without the traffic!





There are plenty of  summer and year round dwellings there, but they are nicely spread out ( not  "log cabin Levittown")

(God knows who these people are, but I want to thank them for joining my blog!)

Anyway, we had a totally relaxing few hours here on this clandestine hideaway. The only slightly tense moment was when a dark cloud complete with nasty lightning almost invaded our space - which was an amazing coincidence given the fact that George was cranking "Don't Let The Sun Down On Me" by Elton John at the time on his new marine CD player!  Needless to say, we got out of there very fast.


Thanks again to Linda and George for another fantastic time.  Have you guessed which lake this is?  I'll give you one more letter, but that's it.  "O".  There are actually two of them.  Where's Vanna when you need her?


Richie Dorrie Linda George