I have to say this is a first! Talk about an expensive marketing tool. This came in the mail for me yesterday from none other than Blake Shelton's record company - a record that you play with your iPhone! 

photo by Richie Phillips

Here is what it looks like. It's a cardboard record player with a REAL record in it (Blake's new album called"Based On A True Story"). Now what you do is you scan the bar code shown at the bottom of the phone, and a picture of his album comes up on the screen.  Then you place the phone on the album, and a fake tone arm shows up that is moveable. (The tone arm is what holds a needle, for you kids...)

So we tried this last night in the privacy of our own home, and here's what it looked like.

Isn't that amazing?  This is a promotional album that is sent to members of the Country Music Association, of which I am a proud member.

Do any of you have record players at home?  Are you thinking of buying one?  Maybe you should!  Albums are back and they sound sooooo good!  Consider it!