Blake Shelton is currently moving up the charts with his latest song "Who Are You When I'm Not Looking". But, did you know Joe Nichols recorded the song first on his album "Real Things" in 2007?  Blake loved the song when he first heard it on Joe's album and since Joe never released it as a single, Blake decided to record it. He shared this in an interview last month: 

After the record came and went and they came out with, I guess, 'Gimmie That Girl' or whatever, his first single was off his next record,  Hell man, they screwed up! I'm putting that sucker out, you know what I mean? I just honestly tried to do as good of a job as Joe did on it. I'm not lying. I mean, that was the template. We walked in the studio, we had Joe's record and I said, 'Man, you know,  we gotta at least do this, you know what I mean? Or it's not gonna be worth it.' And then I guess we did all right, it's doing really good for us. So, thank you to Joe for getting me that song 

Here is the Blake's version we know and love: CLICK HERE

and here is Joe's Version: CLICK HERE

Which do you like better?