Officials are warning about possible viruses on your computer.

You may get an email from a friend or family member directing you to go to a website with something for the subject of Osama bin Laden pictures or videos of of his killing. Do not open these, unless your friend or family member specifies that they sent them to you, or even give them a call to see if they're legitimate. In most cases, they're probably bogus and you should just delete them.

In a report from WNYT, the FBI is also warning computer users about unsolicited E-mails reportedly showing photos and videos of bin Laden's killing. Plus, questionable links started showing up on Facebook and other social networking sites.

I found out about one or two of these virus generating issues last night, while I was on the air. I started getting posts sent to me on Facebook. A friend of mine asked if I had sent her one of those bin Laden links, which I didn't. Just before she asked me, I started getting the same bin Laden messages from other people. I also saw the same post several ties in row to some of our listeners.

According to a computer expert, this may be very malicious and will crash your entire system, then make your computer into an attack system, by using your contact list. It will start shooting emails to your friends and family, with the virus attached. Make sure your anti virus software is up to date, and then do a virus scan. Have you received on of these yet?