What's your biggest complaint when staying at a hotel?

MIne? Probably not enough pillows, or spotty Wi-Fi. But I don't usually complain to the staff unless something is terrible!

I'm sure if you work at a hotel you have to handle complaints all the time!

Well, Daily Mail and travel website Skyscanner surveyed 400 hotel staff members in 49 countries and published a list of the most ridiculous complaints they've ever heard.

Here are the top 10:

1.  "The sheets are too white."

2.  "The sea is too blue."

3.  "The ice cream you served is too cold."

4.  "The bathtub is too big."

5.  "My girlfriend wouldn't stop snoring so I couldn't get to sleep."

6.  "My dog didn't like his stay."

7.  "The hotel didn't have an ocean view" . . . but the hotel was landlocked.

8.  "There's no steak on the vegetarian menu."

9.  "The waiter was too handsome."

10.  "The mother of the groom didn't get the honeymoon suite."


But, if you think that's bad, just wait! They also asked the staff members what some of the craziest requests they ever received were.

Here are some of the most unusual requests:

1. One glass of water on the hour every hour, through the night

2. 15 cucumbers a day

3. Toilet to be filled with mineral water

4. Bath filled with honey

5. Sound of goat bells to aid sleep

6. Only the right legs of a chicken to be served

7. A dead mouse

8. Bath full of chocolate milk

9. 16 pillows (for a single guest)

10. Crocodile soup


Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images