We all know that we should be careful regarding school bus safety, but sometimes we're out of practice after the summer months.  Well, Bethlehem has some new ideas that will make things safer, less costly and more efficient.  We should all take note

According to an article in the Niskayuna Spotlight Newspaper, Bethelehm Central school has been paying attention to school bus safety and has great ideas.    I'll summarize them here.

1.  Consolidated stops so there are less stops for buses and it makes it more efficient.  (Sorry kids, you might have to walk 1/10th of a mile now!

2.  Parents are responsible to get the kids to the stop and to momitor them as they get off.

3.  Kids should have bright colored clothing walking to the bus.  Even that reflecting tape that runners use might be good.  There's alot of fog in the morning ,and sometimes drivers are in a fog of their own.

4. Motorists are asked to slow down in neighborhoods and anyplace where kids are assembled waiting for buses.

5. STOP IN BOTH DIRECTIONS WHEN YOU SEE A BUS STOPPED.  How many times to you see people whizzing by, forgetting the rules.

Here's an interesting factoid as we close this:  "Most school bus related deaths and injuries happen when kids cross the street aftrer leaving a bus, NOT COLLISIONS.

Think about that and please - let's be careful this school year.

BTW, the writer of the Spotlight article is Al Karam, the Director of Transportation for Bethlehem Central Schools.