On Sunday December 16th divers are asked to attend The Dive for Bailey Flip-a-Thon from 8am-10am to benefit one of the Clifton Park car accident survivors. 

This event was put together because Flip and Rip Teammate Kelly Moran wanted to help her teammate any way she could. With her father and the generous support of RPI donating Pool Time we were able to make this event possible.
The event will feature Capital Region divers to show their support for Bailey Wind.  Money raised will help Bailey with her recovery.

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If you are a diver and would like to participate, download and print the pledge form to start accepting money per dive or flat rate donations for the Dive for Baily Fund.   Divers must be AAU Insured and bring proof of insurance to the event (see attached information if you are not insured and would like to become insured to participate for $14 per year). To make a direct contribution you can mail checks to:


Berkshire Bank’s

Dive for Bailey Fund

Mail to: Berkshire Bank

576 North Greenbush Rd

North Greenbush, NY 12144


If you have any questions at all please contact: mvachon@mohonasen.org