Everyday on The Sean and Richie Show we have a feature at about 8:10 a.m. called, "The Good News." Our way of just reminding ourselves and you that there really are good people still left in this world, and stories that are worth sharing. Today we talked about a video that has gone viral of a dad dancing with his daughter at a beauty pageant.

McKenzie Carey lives in Dallas, GA. She is 12 years old and she has mitochondrial disease, which affects your cells and leaves you with basically no energy. That has never stopped her or her parents from showing the world that she can live just as happily as any other kid and do the things that she enjoys. One of the things she enjoys is beauty pageants. She has been doing them since she was five years old and has even won quite a few.

Very early on, during a pageant when her mother Tammy was worried about her, McKenzie's father, Mike went on stage and began to dance with her. The crowd loved it, and so did McKenzie.

Ever since, this has been just something they love to do together and it really shows. I have to tell you, when you watch the video at first, you may get a little caught up in McKenzie's disability. Perhaps you may feel bad for her, but even with her disease hampering her energy there are more than a few times that she manages a beautiful smile! Those moments and the way she looks at her dad at the end may just melt your heart forever.

Another great part of the story is that when this video went viral many people went to McKenzie's "Go Fund Me" page and they have raised over $96,000 so far!

Check out one of the most beautiful father/daughter dances ever...