We all love our furry companions. Some We talk to them like they're our children, but in this case one may wish to keep their mouth shut, and not try to talk "dog". Let's take this situation with a man and a police dog.

Ohio-based Ryan James Stevens learned that the hard way when he was slapped with a misdemeanor after barking at a police dog inside of a patrol car.

The 25-year-old explains that the dog "started it" when it began barking uncontrollably. Stevens did what any other insane human would do and decided to bark and hiss right back at the critter. I'll bet he even thinks he knows what he was saying to the dog.

According to officers at the scene, Stevens was allegedly under the influence. He's scheduled to appear in municipal court later this month. This puts a new meaning to being in the dog house. In this case, it may be a jail cell.

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I'll bet I know why the dog started to bark. Any ideas why the police dog started barking at this guy?