If you are looking to take a selfie of your ballot at the polls on election day, this is one freedom of expression that is illegal in New York.

It sounds hard to believe, right? Because if the voting system is as secure as we think it is, and in New York it seems to be, why would this be an issue? But it is!

According to Channel 6, in the state of New York:

"Photos showing a completed ballot or indicating how a person cast their vote are not allowed."

I should note this is not Federal Law, but one that is decided at the State level. For example, if you take a look at our neighboring states, in Vermont and New Hampshire there are no laws in place. But in Massachusetts and New Jersey there are.

My first thought is, "how could this really be an issue?" Ultimately voters should only get to put only one ballot in at the polls, regardless of any photos you take of it. It does not seem possible to have any affect on the outcome of anything.

And how could you police this online? If you are in the voting booth by yourself, how could this be monitored? Even officials in Massachusetts admit this is impossible to keep an eye on.

Regardless, make sure you get out and vote this election day. And maybe keep that ballot selfie to yourself! ;)