After winning American Idol and having a No. 1 album debut on the all-genre album chart, one may wonder why 18 year-old Scotty McCreery is going to college.The 'I Love You This Big' singer had a great response to that question, "In the music business today, you'll be around and in a few months everybody forgets about you.  I want an education to lean back on." Although he's one of the most recognizable voices and faces in music today, McCreery has a very good point.  Think about how many times you've asked yourself, 'Where did so and so go?' 'Why doesn't so and so get played on the radio anymore?'

In a recent chat with Blogcritics Music, McCreery shared that he has already been accepted to college, but isn’t sure which school he will attend yet. He said, “I’ve gotten into East Carolina. That’s the first place that I’ve heard back from today. I’ve applied to North Carolina State as well. Also, Belmont University and Tennessee State. We’ll see where I end up, but we’re not certain yet.”

Personally, I think it would be great if he could find a way to balance college and a music career on weekends and college vacations.  What do you think?

Would you go back to college if you won 'American Idol?'  Please leave your comments below.