This video is amazing, and scary and very thought provoking. It is a compilation of real "caught on tape" moments where people escaped death my mere seconds. Many of these narrow escapes happened with out the lucky person even having a chance to realize until after how close they really came.

I have to say that the thing that really amazes me besides the incredible good fortune that these people have, is that so many of these moments were actually caught ion video tape. I'm not sure how that works, do some people have a camera going at all times in their life? Now, a few are traffic cams and things like that, but others , like the ones taken while someone is driving or riding in a car, I just can't imagine that they managed to catch these moments.

The title of the video is, "\when it's not your time,.." Wow, I guess that's true but if this vidoe is any indication just because it may not be your time, it doesn't mean you may nort be getting a pretty big warning from fate to pay more attention to what is going on around you.