There just isn't a lot of positive news to report after a tragedy as awful as the tornado that touched down in Oklahoma yesterday. Thanks to CBS News and a reporter with a keen eye, there may be one heart warming story.

YouTube, CBS News Online

This woman was being interviewed about the storm literally standing on the ruble that was once her house. She wasn't concerned so much with the house or her life time of memories that were strewn about her, she was concerned about her dog.

She said they had a plan, and that her and her dog were going to wait the tornado out in her bathroom, when the devastating category 4 storm hit though, she was tossed around and when it passed she could not find her dog.

I can only imagine she was out there looking through what was left of her home for the remains or a trace of her beloved puppy, when the reporter said, "The Dog!".

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I don't know, there is just so much about this that gives me pause, I think the thing that strikes me the most is that even with her house, belongings and memories tossed about and left in ruin, it was the personal connection that she worried about the most. The connection between human and dog, and as she said, "Her prayers were answered".