This story has been updated since its original version on Thursday (Jan. 14) after Hershberger won on Jeopardy for the third time this week!

We did not get a Powerball jackpot winner in Albany this week, but we do have a winner in our midst!

Amelia Hershberger, a Management Analyst from Albany, has so far won $43,000 this week on Jeopardy! Not only did she win the game three times, but according to the Times Union she also beat Alex Trebek in an arm wrestling match! Amelia will be the returning champion tonight as she faces off against contestants from California and Ohio.

You know Amelia is super smart because she has won Jeopardy three nights in a row. Kudos to Amelia for using those smarts to answer and wager her way to some nice winnings this week.

At the same time, I have been throwing all my money away on Powerball tickets. Maybe I should have spent that money on some good books.