We may have broken a record with this week's "Your Town Thursday".  It was the overwhelming number of town nominations that was received, and I thank each and everyone for taking the time to write in.  But there was also a slight problem

I did a poll with the top vote-getters this week.  Out of the 103 town nominations I received, Argyle NY and Adams Ma had the most.  The results? Adams took it handily.

That's the good news.  The bad?  I had very little information to go on.  That always poses a problem.  I could easily go in Wikipedia and get the boring statistics of any town I'd like , but I really want it to come from you, the residents.  I was told that the town had 14 bars, lots of churches, and that everyone knows everybody's business.  That's all well and good, but now do you make a "jingle" out of that?  Well, here's what I have so far.

I don't think this did justice to what this little town is about.  I want more info.  At the last minute this morning, a very nice listener, Haley Palumbo, called in with some great stuff.  She said that from the "monument" on Park Street, you can see the library and all the other buildings I talk about.  She also said that there was an apple orchard in town owned by Mr. Yeski, and that Bellview Falls is a place where the kids hang out until they are chased away each year by the cops.

I love that kind of trivia.  Now I can finish the song.  I'll have to book some studio time here at 'GNA and finish it.  Please look for it in a future article.  If you have some very last minute things that I should put in (including pictures maybe?, let me know now in the comment section.