This is what happens when you are sleep deprived.  Major mistakes can happen.  Not good when you are on the air on a huge Country radio station.  And even worse when you are in front of a live audience AND on the air AND on the internet at the same time.   Let's go to the audio tape...

We did our morning show from Tops American Grill in Rotterdam, NY this week.  What a great place, and alot of great listeners came out to see us.  We were there to announce our favorite event of the year--Countryfest 2011, coming to the Altamont Fairgrounds on July 9th.  The line-up this year is incredible.  (Here's a link to our website if you want to see who's coming)

  Anyway, I thought I'd try to be clever and write a little ditty during the course of the show-mostly because I and others on the show didn't even know the lineup until that morning!!

   I was proud of myself.  I whipped off the lyrics in pretty much record time for someone with 4 hours of sleep the nite before.   When the time came to sing the song, I was pumped.  I was ready.  Never felt more confident.  The only stumbling block was that I couldn't think of too many words that rhymed with Houser (as in Randy Houser).  But--"Oh well, I'll think of something".  "I'll just wing it and pop it in as I'm singing the song".  This is how it all went down.

  Now I knew I did something wrong, because Sean was staring at me.  And when he stares at me  in that certain way, it means that I probably screwed up big time.  (when you are married a long time, you can read each other pretty well).

  So apologies to Randy Houser.  Am I embarrased?  Yowwwzir!!!