This incredible, sickening tragedy hits EVERYONE in so many ways. Whether you are a parent, a teacher,  a child, a relative, friend, neighbor, WHATEVER - you have to be in total shock. As for me?  I visit 30 elementary schools a year.  I am devastated as well

30 times 17.  What's that equal? Over 500 classrooms through my Readin', Writin' and Rhymin' Program.  If I have brought 1/500 of the joy these children have brought me over the years, I'd be doing great.


This whole catastrophe if anything motivates me to get out there even more and visit classrooms. I want to do whatever I can to bring music, laughter and simple, plain childlike fun to kids in any small way that I can contribute.


Kids deserve to be kids and experience a positive childhood.  I challenge you all out there to  'keep it positive' with them.  Maybe volunteer to visit your kid's classroom and read to them, chaperone something, and keep exposing them to trustworthy, upbeat older people so they don't come away from this with fear and paranoia, distrust and distain.


We have lots to mourn about in the meantime and we all need time to do this, of course.  I'm just really worried about the effect of exposing kids to all of this television coverage all of the time, and we need to have a group plan.

The second half of this year, you're going to hear some of the most fun, silly, upbeat little ditties you've ever heard on our radio show.  Hopefully a little humor can be medicine to dull this incredible grief.  That's about all I can personally offer, but I'm only one man.  Let's all do our part if we can.