I don't usually latch onto these nature shows. I'm more of a Shark Tank or music specials kinda guy.  But this, I have to agree, was fascinating to watch. 

Is it possible that a cat would actually nurse ducklings as if they were his own little kittens?   According to the special from the BBC it actually happened.   Couple from Ireland on the small farm and they noticed that their cat  was holding duckling in it's mouth.   Naturally they thought that it was going to make a nice meal out of it,  but then the cat took off and they couldn't find either of them for a short time.   After searching however, they found the most amazing thing ever.   This cat had just given birth itself, so it was definitely in "nursing" mode to begin with, but for a cat to be actually feeding DUCKLINGS - well, that's one for the record books.  Here is the video preview from YouTube.

Is it possible?  This isn't photoshopped in any way, is it?  I can't believe it's possible, but I guess it happened.  Those amazing animals!