The poor kid has become a punch line for every joke about teen celebrity and fame, yet he does have alot of redeeming qualities.  Justin Beiber is now a man (albeit young man) on a mission!

This subject has been in the New York news lately, as Gov. Cuomo  passed new legislation making it alot more serious to be caught driving LOL'ing and OMG'ing with your cellphones.  You can read about it on the website .  Suffice it to say, you better not get caught, or they'll be alot more room in your pocket to put your cellphone, because they'll be no money taking up space in it when he gets done! 

  But back to Beiber for a moment, he has taken up a cause, and this is it.  He has partnered with a company called PhoneGuard who have developed a very interesting app.  According to their website:

PhoneGuard's revolutionary Drive Safe™ anti-texting while driving software application suite disables the texting, emailing and keyboard functions of a mobile phone in a vehicle is in motion. By using GPS to track speed and coordinates, the Don't Text Don't Drive Mobile Application automatically turns off certain functionalities of the driver's mobile phone when the phone is in a moving vehicle.

  This is a great thing on his part to show that he has a social conscience.  I'm not even going to attempt a one-liner here at the end.  I'm going to leave it alone.  He has now entered the "no bash" zone as far as I'm concerned!  Whether you buy this software or not, please take his and the Governor's advice and DON"T DO IT! (I've been guilty of it myself, and I'm going to stop as of today in solidarity!)