It's another friday, time to get ready for the weekend and time once again to relive another great country memory with this weeks edition of Flashback Friday.

Toby Keith was of course at SPAC last night. During his set he took time to tell the crowd a little story about the next song he was going to play which was chosen by the members of his fan club. He tells the tale of a song he wrote and planned to put on his very first album. One of the head honchos at his label loved all the songs he had for the album except this peticular tune, so it never was released on the first album. He goes on to say he eventually started to play the tune while on tour with Reba McEntire. Since she did alot of ballads in her show, he thought he should throw a few in his show as well. The song got a huge response from the fans. Many radio station got wind of the song as well and asked about it in interviews. His label asked what's this song that's getting all this response and Toby says " Oh that's the song you thought sucked so bad." He eventually released the song and part of the title became the name of his third CD. Toby said the guy who said the song sucked is now the manager of a lawn service company. This week we go back to 1996 for Toby's big hit "Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You".

From the Album "Blue Moon", the song released in February of 1996 peaked at #2 on the Billboard Charts and went #1 on a few other charts. Not bad for a song that a record executive said wasn't good don't you think??