Whenever the new Countryfest poster is printed every year, it really brings the excitement up to a whole new level.  It's one thing for us to announce the artists, but when you see them in print with the photos - you always end up saying to yourself "Wow -this year is going to be the best ever".  

photo by Richie

The posters grace our WGNA studio hallway walls.  They only go back to about 1998 though.  See the one to the left?  That was the year 2000 with gorgeous Martina Mcbride,  the very young Kenny Chesney, and Tracy Byrd!  So cool to look at these.

photo by Richie Phillips

Here's a few more, tastefully hung by the women's restroom.  (Listen, we only have so much wall space for all of these, so no comments, please)  If you strain your eyes, you can see the first one has Eric church , Tricia Yearwood and ...who is that next to her?  Anyone remember?

photo by Richie Phillips

 Here's the new one. Countryfest 2013 in living color.  Looks very perty, huh? Very exciting.  (They even spelled Schaghticoke right!)

Are you looking for information about how to get tickets.  READ THE POSTER! Just kidding.  Here's the link.  Hope to see you all there.