I'm not sure if  you folks are aware of this, but the Reading, Writing and Rhyming school program also operates in the summer.  If you are a summer school teacher or counselor, you can fill up the limited availabilies right now.

There are 8 dates available this summer, FYI.  Classes are limited to 30 kids or less, and I would prefer them to be between 2nd and 6th graders.  Have car will travel, but within the Capital Region only for this, and I would also request that we schedule this to begin at 11 am and no earlier as I  am on the air until 10 am.

If you fit this criteria, I'd love to work with you.  We can write anything from a camp theme song to a song about bullying.  Your choice.  Please send your requests to richie@wgna.com or put the request in the comment section.  Please include where your summer camp (school) is located.    Thanks loads!

If you'd like to hear  a sample of songs that have been done in the past year, here's just one of them