It has been a very busy week with the CMA interviews with Jake and Kevin in Nashville, and of course the CMA awards show. I wasn't on the air, but I was the guy in the studio helping to coordinate the interviews to go on the air, and some other stuff for the web site.

When you're listening to GNA, you hear almost everything that we do. This includes mistakes that we make on the air, whether it's messing up our words, or hitting the wrong button. Most people probably don't even notice when we do.

There's also stuff that goes on behind the scenes. After I told Selena, our marketing guru about this one, she thought I should share this story with you. People always ask us what goes on in the radio station. This is one reason I'm glad the weekend is here.

Most of our equipment is set up in such a way where we need to do very little to get things to work. This was great until it came time for the CMA show. Something wasn't working. The show wasn't on the air. I called the engineer at the CMA end. He said everything was fine. It was on our end. The indicators on the machine showed me that the show was being received. I could see things were rolling, but still not on the air. I ran into the engineering shop where there are tons of wires. Using some of those wires and some connectors, I pieced together a connection, that even surprised me when it worked. I finally got the show on the air. There was about a 50 foot wire trail through the hallway and into the studio. I took pictures of my classic rig. Sometimes it's just good to go old school.

Step 1 - Finding A Wire

Step 2 - Connect To Component That We Get The CMA Awards Show on

Step 3 - Connect One More Wire With a Connector or Two

Step 4 - Run The Wire From The Equipment Rack Room Through The Hall

Step 5 - Run Wire Into GNA Studio To One More Connector and Wire

Step 6 - Connecting The Wires

Step 7 - It Was All Ready To Run Through The GNA Control Board. CMAs On The Air. Success!

I'll bet you hardly noticed that there was a problem. Now if I can just straighten out those wires.