Shen High School Boys Lacrosse team coach, Chuck Holohan has been reported to be suspended while school officials investigate allegations of verbal and physical abuse of the players.

There are very few details available right now and according to at least one TV news station, WNYT, the school is not making any comments at this time.

This news comes on the heels of the Rutger's Basketball coach being fired for similar reasons. That however came with indisputable video evidence of the abuse. I think it is important to remember that we, the public have no idea what evidence of abuse there is in this local case, if any at all.

I do not know the coach and I would certainly not even make a guess to any guilt or innocence even if I did. I do know that everyone deserves a fair shake and that the school has not said he DID or DID NOT do anything that was alleged. They are merely looking into  the allegations and taking the coach out of the equation until things are indeed    investigated is standard operating procedure.

We will update if and when more details become available.