Scotia, we love you here at the Sean and Richie Show . So much so, in fact, that I was commissioned to write you a theme song.  It is now part of the growing catalogue of "Your Town Thursday" songs

I have some folks to thank for sending me info and keeping me awake trying to think of a song to parody:  Linda Van Schaak, Tamilynn "You can always count on Kathy and me"  Wilson, Barbara Shaver, Erica Means, Leslie Holman, Robin Gonzales, and Brenda Lewis. (Hope I didn't forget anybody!)

Without further adieu, I present the song as we presented it on the show this morning.  Enjoy, and again, thank you for your help.

(Sung to the Tune of "Locomotion")

Everybody's doing a brand new dance now (come on baby, do the Scotiamotion)

If you go to Jumping Jacks you'll have to let out your pants now (the townspeople have so much devotion)

Waterskiing shows for everyone to see,

The Village has a nickname - it's "Mayberry",

So come on, come on do the Scotiamotion with me,

Go check out Collins Park now baby - that's right

You can take your family, or just yourself down to the Mansion (where else?)

(here's something they don't need-an awesome Little League- they're awesome)

Rest sung to the tune of "Kokomo"

There's a nice place to see, a stone's throw from Schenectady

You can watch a movie be made or just hang out at O'leary's (have a beer or two or three, SEAN!)

Plenty of things to do, car shows on Mohawk Avenue

And who knows? You just might choose to score yourself some new tatoos way down in "ScotiaMO"


We're moving to Scotia, it's much more quaint than Malta

Some people are wacky but not as bad as Coxsackie,

I'm joking, I'm kidding-can't you folks take a ribbing

Down in Scotiamo, you can watch the Tartans play but please drive slow

the new police chief told you so-his name is Pete Frazzone

(Resing the chorouses of both songs at the same time- )

Would you like your town added to the list?  Send me the town name (duhh) and any information that would make the song informative, fun, or both!  Feel free to leave comment below or email me at