We know how much you love the Rising Star Concert Series - so we're brining it back!You've seen countless stars before they were stars on our stage and we're ready to present to you three more that have the potential to become superstars in the near future.

Not everyone makes its but we've had a pretty good track record of choosing great artists who turn out to be a pretty big deal in the world of country music.

Nothing beats being able to say, "I saw them back when..."

This time around we presented Joanna Smith on January 13th at Proctors Theatre. Jake was talking about her recently too!

On March 10th Thompson Square was "SOLD OUT" at Proctors.

And on April 21st  our final WGNA Rising Stars acoustic show will be with James Wesley at Proctors.

We'll keep you updated on-air and on wgna.com!

Click here to get your tickets online for just $17!