I got picked on today by Sean, Levack, and my superior, Jake Thomas.  I played a parody that I technically wrote a few months ago.  Hey!  Big deal!! They can't ALL be fresh.  Jake texted Levack after he heard it and wrote "tune in tomorrow as we cover the year 1979".  Well,  be careful what you ask for!

    I dug this one out of the parody attic (it was recorded on my favorite 4 track cassette recorder that's still in the attic as well).  It was written, coincidentally, in the late 70's wayyyy after President Richard Nixon resigned.   Gloria Gaynor had a song around that time called "I Will Survive" (you know the one, it's still played at weddings---"First I was afraid, I was petrified.......")

So I was trying to imagine what it would be like if Nixon sang it. And I was SOOO excited, after sending it to a New York City radio station ,that the host of the morning show called me at my home and interviewed me.   The DJ was Alan B Colmes!  Sound familiar?  Remember the show HANNITY AND COLMES?  I think I actually have the interview buried somewhere too. 

Actually, I consider it a personal favorite, so I'm sharing it with you.  Hopefully you'll want to hear it.  Lord knows Jake, Sean and Levack won't!!!!

  There ya go! A bit from 1979.  You asked for it, boss!!

 PS.  Did you know that Richard Nixon was a huge country music fan?  It's amazing the trivia you can learn from WGNA bloggers.