How do things like this slip through the corporate cracks?  And this was no small bank here.  We're talking Bank Of Freekin' America.  Check this story out and get ready to giggle and shake your head uncontrollably

According to, the Bank Of America

Ronald Page, a customer of BOFA started withdrawing with his ATM card at several of their terminals in Detroit, Michigan.

Despite the fact that he only had a hundred or two in the account, the machines never said that he reached his limit .  It kept spitting out the greenbacks.  Spitting might not be the word. Regurgitating is better.  The machines gave him over $1.5 MEEEEEEELION dollars in total.

So who gets in trouble for it?  HIM!  In fact, he's going to jail for it.   I'm not sure HOW I feel about that, do you?  Time for a poll question.  Just testing the pulse of the Albany area here.  Thanks for playing along!